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No fluff, only real-world skills that will help you grow as a better developer & designer. Everything you will learn from HTML, CSS, Javascript to Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Design Systems, etc., will help you increase your productivity, hence saving more time and earning more money.

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Amit Kumar Pandit

Multidisciplinary UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer

Hello, I am Amit Kumar Pandit, an Independent UI/UX Designer & Frontend Developer from Chandigarh, India. I transform highly sophisticated concepts into simple, intuitive and approachable UI designs, which are aesthetically pleasing and visually balanced across all the devices.

Things You Learn at Smashtheshell

Front-end Web Development

Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, responsive web design, performance optimization, CSS architecture, etc.

UI UX Design

User Interface / Experience Design

You will learn web design, interaction design, component-based design, and crafting design systems.

Tools and Workflow - Smashtheshell

Tools, Techniques and Workflow

Discover tools, techniques, and workflow that top-notch developers use to increase and enhance their productivity.

A Blog Dedicated to Solo Frontend Developers & Designers

As an independent frontend developer we need someone to guide ourselves especially when we are starting our journey to become a self-taught frontend developer. Here on Smashtheshell you will be learning a lot of practical solutions related to modern responsive web design  & development. 

Solo developer - Smashtheshell